Wife ~ Mom ~ Friend ~ Inheritor ~ Legacy Coach/Consultant ~ Instructor ~ Author

I wear many hats, but no matter which one I’m wearing, my passion is fueled by my experience of losing my business-owning father to cancer when I was just 21. Stuff like that changes you – here’s how it impacts me underneath my many hats.

As a wife/mom/daughter/sister/friend/coworker, I try to bring positivity and gratitude to the present moment – we have no guarantees, so I don’t take that moment, that relationship, that experience for granted.

As a Coach and Consultant to financially successful families and individuals, I get what it means to be simultaneously grateful for the benefits of wealth and also burdened by the associated challenges. I come alongside you as you’re working to thrive amidst your success and implement effective ways to manage the challenges that arise along the way. Whether we are doing individual virtual coaching or a family meeting, you get a custom experience.

As a Consultant and Instructor to professional advisors serving wealthy families, I bring the perspective of an “unprepared inheritor in recovery.” I’m still learning, but I’ve come a long way from not knowing the difference between a stock and a bond! I can help you find ways to connect authentically with your current and prospective clients’ whole family and better understand their unique needs.

As an Author, I strive to put inspirational content in your hands – words that will make you feel like someone else on the planet gets you – the challenge of your unique struggles and the intense beauty in your celebrations. I write what I needed to read after I lost my dad, and what inspires me to thrive today. My book “In Three Generations: A Story about Family, Wealth, and Beating the Odds” is on Amazon, and I’m releasing a children’s book in 2020!

Whether I’m in front of my computer doing video coaching with an individual client or traveling to present a workshop for a group of clients – whether I’m facilitating a values exercise for a local family, or on the bleachers watching my son’s baseball game, I walk around with deep gratitude that I get to do this awesome work.

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